Lego Mars Mission RPGEdit

Hello! Welcome to the LEGO Mars Mission RPG!

Here you can join either the Astros or the Aliens in the battle for the power crystals! Post a comment below to join either side! This awesome RPG is filled with powerful positions left open, join now!

Choose A Faction...

New Things:' Scenarios! Scenarios are new extensions to the Mars Mission RPG! 'They are specially designed by players of the MMRPG, and are actually in a different part of it.Find them here: MMRPG: ScenariosCurrent Scenario:A Doomed Race

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New Rules: We need to make some new rules. Any changes or additions to the rules can be requested at the Administrative Requests page. Please add any new ideas for rules to that page. Thanks, -- Administration

Current Rules:

  • Everything stays casual. Do not change things you didn't create without permission.
  • No swearing, profanity, or bad language of any kind. This will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated.
  • Play fair and be nice to others.
  • No excuses to make current version of an item survive once it is said to be destroyed by superior technology.
  • Mars Battlefield areas can't be "in-captureable".
  • Things invented must be realistic and fair.
  • Have Fun!