Dragon Cruiser
Dragon Cruiser
Affiliation: Aliens
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Pieces: Unknown
Minifigures: Alien
Ages: 8-12
Released: 2007
The Dragon Cruiser is a heavy Alien vehicle and acts as their 'tank'. It is part of the 7691 ETX Mothership Assault, the front part or 'cockpit'.


One of the Aliens' most powerful ground battle ships, it is heavily armed with loads of armor. It detaches from the ETX Alien Mothership.

Crystalien ConflictEdit

Dragon CruiserEdit

This is one of the most powerful ships in-game. It is equally matched both to the Defence Station and the Clawtank. Although the Defence station has slightly more armor the Dragon Cruiser has the advantage of movement and they will thus kill each other on equal terms. Rapid firing and with large health it is a threat to be reckoned. It can attack air units and thus is an effective defence against Astro Fighters.

Set InformationEdit

It is part of the 7691 ETX Alien Mothership Assault, as the front part or cockpit.

  • Released: 2007
  • Item Number: 7691
  • Pieces: Unknown

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