7699 MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit
Affiliation: Astros
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Pieces: 635
Minifigures: Astronaut (x3), Alien (x2)
Ages: 8-14
Released: October 2007

7699 MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit is a large unit used for mining crystals,for the astros, in the crystal alien confilct missions. It is called milanovich meaning "the digger".


The MT-101 has a large drill on the front and carries two smaller vehicals in the back (but only on the set). One vehicle is a gunship with alien beds for transport. The other vehicle is a small Motorbike.

CrystAlien ConflictEdit

Crystal MinerEdit

Crystal Miner
Affiliation: Astros
Abilities: Mines crystals.
Operator: Astronaut
Years: 2007, 2008
It is the main thing after the Eagle Command Base and is used to mine the crystals. It can carry up to 1200 crystals (you have to keep clicking on it then clicking on crystal patches after the 1000 crystal mark). It costs 1400 crystals. you can have up to four on a single mission.


Affiliation: Aliens
Abilities: Ground-level combat, fast-moving.
Operator: Alien
Years: 2007, 2008
It is made from the Battle Foundry (War Factory on earlier versions) and does not require any other buildings. It is fast enough to avoid most Defence Station fire and any other unit which fires similarily. It is lightly armoured and goes down quickly when hit. It can kill 1 or 2 infantry on its own but is easily bested by larger groups. It can be repaired by a saboteur.

Set InformationEdit

  • Relesed: 2008
  • Set number: 7699
  • Pieces: 634

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