7690 MB-01 Eagle Command Base
Affiliation: Astros
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Pieces: 763
Minifigures: Astronauts (x4), Aliens (x4)
Ages: 8-14
Released: 2007

7690 MB-01 Eagle Command Base is a 760 piece set from LEGO that is part of the Mars Mission series, released in 2007. This is the command base for the Humans. It is equipped with a high-tech pump system, which can move objects from one part of the base to another. It includes a shooting function connected to the pump system. It also includes a scientific bay and a manual elevator. Further included is a Mars Shuttle that can hold 2 aliens. The set also features a alien ship, known as the Strike Fighter.


The humans are mining for crystal energy and shipping it back to earth in their space shuttle, but the Aliens want it for themselves! Can the humans defend their base using air powered rockets?

CrystAlien ConflictEdit

Eagle Command BaseEdit

The Eagle Command Base is the center of all astro activity. It is where the astros have their main base. It does not have the ability to attack. Once owned, you gain the ability to create Crystal Miners and Power Plants. It is not possible to build it and when it is destroyed, you lose the level even if you captured the Mothership. Even though it has a turret, it cannot shoot or defend itself directly. It can, however, indirectly create Defence Stations and troops to defend it.

Set InformationEdit

  • Released: 2007
  • Item Number: 7690
  • Pieces: 763

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